Tomi Lahren Faces Backlash Over "Resisting Arrest" Breonna Taylor Tweet

As expected, protests have swept through various cities across the United States. News regarding the indictment of Brett Hankison, one of the three officers involved in the Breonna Taylor case, has caused the public to storm the streets by the thousands. From Lousiville to New York to Los Angeles, authorities are calling for peace as they prepare for disruption. There have been plenty of comments from celebrities ranging from entertainment to the political world, and Tomi Lahren has captured attention after people interpreted her tweets as a suggestion that Breonna Taylor resisted arrest.

Tomi Lahren, Kanye West, Breonna Taylor,  Twitter
John Sciulli / Stringer / Getty Images

“It is NOT an officer’s duty to gamble with his/her life so you can happily and comfortably resist arrest,” Tomi Lahren tweeted. “What happened to Breonna Taylor is a horrible tragedy but for the Left to assert the officers came in to attack her in a blind and racist rage is a LIE and to burn down and ravage yet another community over it is not justice and not acceptable.”

While she didn’t directly say that Taylor was resisting, the public was quick to criticize the talk show host. Check out her tweets and a few responses below.

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