NBA Youngboy Clarifies Involvement In Mall Fight: "Leave Me Out That"

Youngboy Never Broke Again is not unaccustomed to throwing hands when it needs to be done. The listener gets that sort of impression from his music. Generally a pretty menacing character, YB has been opening up with his supporters more and more as he grows up, letting the world see parts of his personal life and showing off his kids, the inside of his home, and more. 

It’s been nice to learn more about the 20-year-old, who seems to always be wrapped up in some crazy shit.

This week, a video started circulating of the rapper during a trip to the mall, with his crew getting into a scuffle. NBA Youngboy was seemingly unbothered by it all, keeping it moving, but his fans have been begging for an explanation of what went down after the clip was reposted by DJ…

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