Da Brat Speaks Out On Allen Iverson's Infidelity

Da Brat is a legendary artist in her own right, who over the last year or so, has made an effort to talk more openly about her sexuality and the fact that she has been with both men and women. The artist is currently with Jesseca Dupart and they seem to be going strong. During a recent interview with Kandi Online, Da Brat was asked to speak about some of her prior relationships, including her time with basketball legend Allen Iverson.

As she explained in the interview below, Iverson was a known cheater at the time and had been with various women. Da Brat noted that Iverson initially swept her off of her feet and she had even been given the opportunity to meet his parents. Despite this, she quickly found out that Iverson was sleeping around. The artist reflected on when she first clued in on this happening behind her back.