Tyler, The Creator Addresses Whether He's The Child In Viral Tupac Video

There’s been a video that has circulated for several years of Tupac Shakur playfully confronting a 3-year-old child. Though the video isn’t anything that was released in recent times, the second it resurfaced, fans were under the impression that it was a young Tyler, The Creator. It’s been a few years and fans have gone along with it. There’s even a video titled, “Tupac Meets Young Tyler The Creator” on YouTube.

Tyler has addressed this rumor, once and for all. Taking to Twitter, he simply wrote, “thats not me as a baby with tupac dumbass ha.” It seemed unlikely in the first place but finally, we have a definitive answer. In all fairness, the child’s attire seems damn-near identical to what we’d probably see Tyler rock during the early years of Odd Future.

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