Jack Harlow Names Top 5 Favorite Rappers

If there’s ever been a timeless hip-hop talking point, it’s the ranking of emcees. Long have artists discussed their formative influences, often diluting things down to a list of either five or ten. While some have grown skeptical about the ranking process altogether, others view it as an effective means of growing closer to their favorite artists; what better way to forge a connection than to find common ground? In any case, XXL Freshman Jack Harlow recently proved himself to be a student of the game, unveiling his top five favorite rappers during an Instagram Q&A. 

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

In what appears to be no particular order, Harlow named Jay-Z, Drake, Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, and a split decision between Kanye West and Eminem. Many unsurprising names to be found, with each of the listed…

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