Big Sean Celebrates Another Chart-Topping Debut With "Detroit 2"

Big Sean is fresh off of the release of arguably his best project to date, Detroit 2. The rapper returned after nearly three years since his last solo album and much has happened in his personal life. Though he hasn’t been heavy on social media, he used his new album as a platform to spill his heart out and speak on everything that’s been weighing on him.

While he’s received the utmost acclaim for the project, it initially appeared as if he was in a race against 6ix9ine to debut atop the Billboard 200. 6ix9ine’s initial projections stated that he would move 150K in his first week though those numbers dwindled in the days that followed. Big Sean, on the other hand, has been steadily aiming for a six-figure debut. Detroit 2 has since debuted at the top of the chart and Big Sean issued a lengthy statement thanking his fans for their patience. 

“Thank you! I sacrificed my privacy, I put so many emotions and lessons I learned the hard way into this music and gave a honest glimpse into my heart! it wasn’t easy, nights I thought of Offing myslef cause Life was too heavy, but the lock in was worth it,” he…

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