Skip Bayless Addresses Insensitive Dak Prescott Comments

Yesterday, Skip Bayless had many NFL fans upset as he took to Undisputed with an insensitive take about Dak Prescott and the recent depression he has been dealing with. During a recent interview, Prescott admitted that he had been dealing with depression at the beginning of the pandemic and that it all became worse after his brother Jace committed suicide. Bayless expressed a bizarre opinion over this admission, saying that he didn’t think Prescott should have said anything and that overall, it makes him look like a bad leader for the Cowboys.

Social media didn’t take too kindly to these comments as they explained to Skip just how damaging his words were. Today, Skip went on Undisputed where he spoke about his comments and tried to clarify himself. Bayless attempted to give an apology, however, he mostly doubled down on what he said yesterday, saying Dak should have sought help instead of making his struggle public.