Naturi Naughton Taunted By Former 3LW Groupmate Kiely Williams

It’s been nearly two decades since Naturi Naughton departed from the hit early 2000s girl group 3LW, but the drama continues on. It was way back then that Naturi Naughton, Adrienne Bailon [Houghton], and Kiely Williams made up the pop trio. However, Naturi’s exit was fraught with controversy and in recent years, she’s described what she claims was bullying by her fellow groupmates. She was eventually ousted from 3LW, and she has recently revealed that she plans on speaking candidly about her 3LW struggles.

Naturi Naughton, Kiely Williams, 3LW
George De Sota / Staff / Getty Images

“I think a lot of people that know me now, who even watch Power, don’t realize how long my journey has been. This has been since I was 15 and I’ve been in the business for 20 years. I look back at that experience of being in a girl group, although it had some learning experiences that were growing pains, it just showed me what it takes to make it in this industry,” Naughton¬†said. She also advised people not to “get into business with people that…

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