Candace Owens Says She "Broke" Cardi B As Feud Continues

A feud between Cardi B and Candace Owens erupted on social media this weekend, with both personalities dragging the other over their political views.

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens took aim at Cardi B over her “WAP” song lyrics, which sparked an ugly debate between the two after the rapper responded. With things seemingly coming to somewhat of a halt, at least on Owens’ side, she’s claiming that she walked away with the win.

Prior to her declaration of victory though, more insults were shared as the war raged on.

“I’m almost 6 months pregnant and had to rip @iamcardib a new WAP,” wrote Owens on Twitter, sharing a link to her live-stream about the situation. “Your baby singing wap wap wap this some dry ass pussyyyy,” responded Cardi, which got Owens feeling all kinds of ways.

“Attacking an unborn child. How very DEMOCRAT of you,” said Owens. She then went on to speak about abortion in the Black community, spewing a claim that the most unsafe place for a Black child is “in its mother’s womb.”

This led to Cardi B retweeting several posts about her feud with Candace Owens, exposing Owens’ past praise of her and also getting Owens to declare victory over the rapper.