Ahmaud Arbery's Mother Calls Out Organizations Using Son's Death As "Business Opportunity"

The mother of Ahmaud Arbery, Wanda Cooper-Jones, says she is frustrated with profiting off the death of her son. She voiced her displeasure with several organizations in a letter published by TMZ.

Ahmaud Arbery, Charity, OrganizationsSean Rayford / Getty Images

“Ahmaud was more than a jogger murdered in Brunswick. He was my baby boy,” she says. “I cannot in good conscience support a page that now appears more like a business opportunity for its staff rather than getting justice for my son.”

Jones takes aim at the 2.23 Foundation, I Run with Maud, and the GoFundMe set up in Arbery’s name. 

“The campaign was established in early May, after Ahmaud was laid to rest,” Cooper-Jones says of the GoFundMe. “Ahmaud was covered under a life insurance…

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