Lil Reese Denies Defecating Himself After Trading Shots With 6ix9ine

While Lil Durk has announced that he’d rather compete against 6ix9ine in the world of album sales and statistics, Lil Reese is making it evidently clear that he’s not really into the industry games. Following 6ix9ine’s latest stint in Chicago, where he disrespected Durk’s late cousin Nuski, Lil Reese and 6ix9ine had their own little back-and-forth where the “GOOBA” rapper posted the viral clip of Lil Reese getting into a fight with what appeared to be brown stains on his boxers.

“Yall think I give a fuck about what a rat gotta say,” he wrote on Twitter before following 6ix9ine’s antics. Shortly after, he addressed the video that 6ix9ine shared, denying that there was any chance he defecated himself. “All that shit cap if an***a make me shit on myself I’m killin his momma his grandma his whole family keep doing it for clout tho,” he added.

As fans caped for Reesey, bringing up…

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