Lakers, Clippers Have Voted To Boycott The Remainder Of NBA Season: Report

A monumental moment has taken place in the NBA. Fans couldn’t wait for the return of basketball amid COVID-19 concerns, so executives moved mountains in order for the NBA season to commence. We’re in the thick of the playoffs and fans are excited to see which team will take home the gold during a pandemic, but if reports are to be believed, Los Angeles’s teams—the Lakers and the Clippers—may not be participating in the remainder of the season.

Sports journalist Shams Charania tweeted a series of updates, stating that both teams had a meeting and voted to sit out the rest of the season while all other NBA teams have chosen to continue. “LeBron James said in meeting he want owners to be more involved/take action,” Charania wrote. “LeBron James walked out. Rest of Lakers and Clippers exited behind him.”

Then, a question was raised. “Miami’s Udonis Haslem spoke and essentially told everyone…

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