Michigan To Pay $600 Million Settlement To Flint Water Crisis Victims

The city of Michigan will be paying a massive $600 million dollar settlement to those victimized by the Flint Water Crisis. The settlement is the result of a previous lawsuit launched by Flint residents in the midst of the crisis, which found thousands without potable water. Despite attention first being raised five years ago, the issue has yet to be resolved to this day; a video from CNN reveals the reality that Flint residents are still facing, whereupon dozens of cars are forced to line up for bottled water.

Flint Water Crisis

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Now that a settlement has been reached, perhaps some of the damage will be alleviated. CNN’s report explains that the settlement will be distributed through a “court-monitored victim compensation fund,” with over eighty-percent of the money being allocated to those under eighteen at the time of the crisis; the reason being that lead poisoning is particularly…

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