Cardi B's New "WAP" Merch Designed To Keep You Dry

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new song “WAP” might be all about their “wet ass p***ies” (which is a term that Kodak Black might have invented?!?) but the merch line attached to the drop is designed to keep you dryer than ever.

Sometimes, you want to get wet. Other times, it’s important to stay dry to not mess up your hair, makeup, and ‘fit. Cardi B is a marketing master so she decided that, to accompany her single about getting wet, she would sell some clothing and accessories specially designed to keep you dry.

Freshly-updated on her website, the top-selling rapper is offering a whole new line of products, including raincoats, umbrellas, and more. The raincoat comes in three different colors (pink, black, and white) and has “WAP” branding on the front and sleeves. They’re currently going for $125.

She’s also selling an umbrella, for when you know you’re going to get stuck in the rain. Those come in pink and black, also featuring strong “WAP” branding.

If you want to stay fresh…

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