Jay-Z & Pharrell Williams Dropping New Single "Entrepreneur"

Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams go way back, having built up a stacked repertoire ranging back to 2000's Roc La Familia album. Since then, the pair have connected on songs (many of them lead singles) like "Excuse Me Miss," "La La La," "Change Clothes," "Allure," "Oceans," and many more. Some might even say that P has become one… Continue reading

Lil Baby Laughs At Meme Of Him As A Woman: "Stop Playing With Me"

Another TikTok trend has hit social media and Lil Baby is its latest victim. On TikTok, users are tricking their friends and family members by imposing faces on random bodies and switching their genders. For example, a woman took photos of her female best friend, made her picture masculine and turned her into a man, and then… Continue reading

Azealia Banks Is Genuinely Afraid Of Joe Biden

Despite being subjected to many controversies -- some spun by her own hand, others due to misconstrued narratives -- Azealia Banks has remained unapologetically true to herself. It's downright refreshing in a way, though at times, some of her messaging can veer into hostile territory. In any case, the self-declared Sea Queen has been no… Continue reading

Turk Reveals He & Lil Wayne Caught Crabs From 2 Sisters

Turk recently sat down with Off The Porch where he detailed his tightknit relationship with Lil Wayne. Since they were the two youngest members of the Hot Boys, they did everything together, including contract STDs. Turk revealed the time that he and Lil Wayne both caught crabs after sleeping with two women from Houston. "That's… Continue reading

Kim Jong-un Forces North Koreans To Give Up Pet Dogs For Food

Even though things are pretty horrible in the United States right now, we should all be grateful that we're not living in North Korea. They've got way bigger problems than Donald Trump potentially gearing up for a second term as President.According to the Chosun Ilbo media outlet in South Korea, the Supreme Leader of North Korea… Continue reading

Juice WRLD's "Legends Never Die" Goes Platinum

Juice WRLD was already a star prior to his sudden passing in December of 2019, steadily expanding his discography with tapes like Goodbye & Good Riddance and his debut album Death Race For Love. And though he openly reflected on how the latter was a rushed effort, many of his fans still responded positively to the tape, unaware that his ability to… Continue reading