Drake Ravaged With Insults About His Back Tattoos: "Look Like A Zoom Meeting"

As he enjoys his time in Barbados, hanging out with Rihanna’s brother and stopping by her childhood home, Drake is getting roasted across the internet for the tattoos on his back.

Every time the rapper takes off his shirt, it seems as though there is more ink covering his skin than the last time. While his back tattoos may not be too recent, people are noticing them for the first time this week and they’re not going easy on him.

It’s not a secret that Drake has built up quite the tattoo resume over the years. However, many tattoo artists would be quick to point out how disorganized his body art is. The latest additions on his back are difficult to make out, showing a bunch of different portraits that don’t really seem to intersect in any way. New pictures of the star by the beach have taken social media by storm as insults break about how messy the tats look.

“They said Draketattoos look like a zoom meeting,” joked one person on Twitter, calling out how there are just a bunch of random faces on the man’s back. “Drake has the worst tattoos ever. They don’t even look bad they just look so unorganised,” said another.

We’re sure these markings are pretty important to Drake. As the latter commenter pointed out, they’re not even badly done. However, people are more concerned about how random it all feels. Some more variety would probably have been more of a hit with the fans, who aren’t feeling the dozens of faces that are now permanently etched on his skin.

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