Dana White Rips Judging After Holloway Vs. Volkanovski Decision

Dana White has been one of the most outspoken commissioners/presidents in all of sports, and last night, that was no exception. Prior to the main event, there was a fight between Max Holloway and Alexander Volkanovski. In the end, Volkanovski was able to win the fight via split decision although it was clear that Holloway should have been the victor. Sure, he lost rounds four and five but the first three rounds were easily in his favor.

Regardless, the judges decided to give the win to Volkanovski seeing as though he is the reigning champion, and you need to be convincing if you want to get the decision. After the fight, White spoke to the media and was very critical of the judges, noting that there is no way Holloway should have lost.

Dana White

Zhe Ji/Getty Images

“You can’t leave it to these guys. We’ve got some bad judging. I’m sure (Holloway) is devastated. Did anybody here score it for…

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