Adrian Wojnarowski Suspended By ESPN, #FreeWoj Trends On Twitter

Just a couple of days ago, the Twittersphere was sent into a frenzy as an e-mail from Adrian Wojnarowski popped up on the timeline. For those who are unaware, Wojnarowski wrote “Fuck You” to Missouri senator Josh Hawley, after the senator wrote a letter to ESPN and the NBA, demanding an explanation for why they support China but not the military. It was a letter written in bad faith and Woj didn’t seem to care for the sentiments, hence his NSFW response.

After a quick apology and statement from ESPN, it was revealed late last night that Woj had been suspended by ESPN, for an indefinite amount of time. It’s not exactly a shocking turn of events, although fans didn’t seem to be all that impressed by the network’s decision. Many felt as though Woj was in the right, and that he simply didn’t deserve to be suspended. Either way, it remains to be seen when he will be back.

In true Twitter form, #FreeWoj began trending last night as many fans and even NBA players advocated for Woj to come back. He is one of the best insiders out there, and ESPN needs him and his connections to the league. Clearly, Woj has quite the movement behind him.

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