Elon Musk Reconsiders Kanye West Support

Following a meet-up last week, which sparked a photo that has since gone viral in meme-form, Elon Musk publicly declared his support for Kanye West in his goal to become President of the United States. During a lengthy interview with Forbes, West explained that Musk would be the head of his space program.

Elsewhere in the interview, West revealed his anti-vax and anti-abortion stance. His comments have been extremely controversial and it looks like people are beginning to back away from supporting the “Wash Us In The Blood” artist.

Elon Musk, one of his advisors, is reportedly already reconsidering his role on West’s team, tweeting that they’ve got more differences than similarities.

“We have more differences of opinion than I anticipated,” wrote Elon in a since-deleted tweet. The post was in response to an article about West’s views on vaccination and abortion.

With the CEO of Tesla no longer backing West, how do you see this affecting the campaign?

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