Freddie Gibbs To Appear On Desus & Mero Launch Amid Akademiks Beef

What a week it has been in the world of hip-hop. The feud between Akademiks and Freddie Gibbs erupted over the past few days with the former calling the latter his son. Out of nowhere, Celina Powell tried to gain even more infamy off of the situation, though it was short-lived. Nonetheless, Freddie Gibbs is taking the 50 Cent mentality in his approach to tormenting Akademiks. He immortalized their war through two new t-shirt drops on the shop.

It’s not like Gibbs is the first person that Akademiks has beefed with in the past but his tirade against the Gary legend was eerily familiar. Remember when sh*t popped off with Desus & Mero a few years back? And Ak was damn-near on the verge of drunken tears as he bragged about his wealth on Twitch? Well, it looks like everything will be coming back full circle this evening since Freddie Gibbs will be joining the Bodega Boys in the launch of a new season. Though no teasers were released, Mero subtly suggested that it would be an Akademiks roast session. And we wouldn’t expect anything less. 

It appears that the interview may…

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