Paul Walker's Daughter Shares Heart Warming Photo With Vin Diesel's Children

Co-starring in the Fast and Furiousseries, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel formed a friendship that has evidently been passed down to the pair’s children. Even after Walker’s tragic death, the two families have remained remarkably close with one another. In fact, Vin even named his youngest daughter Pauline after Walker, and he is also the godfather of Walker’s daughter Meadow. 

In addition to these important symbolic gestures, the two families have frequently given each other public shoutouts, such as when Vin shared an endearing happy birthday message to Meadow on her 21st and when Meadow posted a picture with Vin’s daughter Hania, captioned “with my angel.”

Most recently, Meadow shared her love for Vin’s family, uploading an Instagram shot of her with his children, Hania (12), Vincent (10) and Pauline (5). The photo shows Meadow with a soft smile, wearing a maroon hoodie, while the three kids are all fully cheesing. Meadow’s caption reads “family, forever,” reaffirming her strong relationship with Vin’s clan. 

Other Fast and Furious stars expressed their…

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