Lil Baby & Jayda Cheaves Attempt Viral TikTok Dances With Their Son

It’s clear that TikTok has taken over. This isn’t a new revelation; multiple reports state that the popular social media platform is quickly approaching 1 billion active users worldwide. Some social media influencers have built their brands on being TikTok famous, so it comes as no surprise that celebrities have joined the platform. Some familiar faces hope that by expanding onto TikTok, they can continue to help their careers, while others use the platform to show a different side of themselves as they let fans peek into their home lives. Lil Baby and his (ex?) girlfriend Jayda are doing the latter, and they’ve even added their son into the mix.

Lil Baby
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

In a recently shared video, Jayda gave her son some shine as she featured him in a clip attempting to pull off a viral TikTok dance. While Jayda played background dancer to her baby boy, Lil Baby comes out and interrupts the video. The rapper keeps his distance as he watches his son pull off some of his best moves, and even Lil Baby couldn’t help but get in on…

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