Boosie Roasts Black Gucci Customers, Waka Flocka Agrees

Gucci has become one of the most controversial brands in the world thanks to their numerous faux-pas’ regarding cultural appropriation and even examples of blatant racism such as blackface. Just last year, Gucci was a part of a huge blackface controversy that had many people boycotting a brand. Gucci is a big deal in many hip-hop circles and various artists swore off the brand considering the mistakes they continuously seem to make.

Despite these offenses, there are still those in the black community who willingly buy Gucci, and recently, Boosie went after that demographic of Gucci clientele. In the video below, you can see Boosie walking by a lineup at the Gucci store which is primarily occupied by black customers. Boosie tells the crowd that Gucci doesn’t like them and then refers to them as idiots for buying their products. Waka Flocka seemed to agree with this sentiment as he reposted the video, calling Boosie “one of the realist.”

Boosie and Waka’s mentality here is…

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