New York Man Remains Calm With Knife In Head In Shocking Footage

A video of a man in Harlem with a knife sticking out of his head has gone viral on the Internet, mostly due to the victim’s eerily calm demeanor. 36-year-old Roberto Perez from the Bronx did not appear to be at all concerned with the sharp weapon sticking out of the top of his head as he paced back and forth outside the ambulance. In the footage, Roberto can be seen speaking with shocked onlookers, his clothing drenched in blood. “He got stabbed in the head, yo, this is crazy!” one person can be heard saying.

“He looked like he didn’t even feel it,” said one witness, who declined to be identified by name. “The guy was refusing to go inside the ambulance.” According to NYPD officers, the stabbing occurred at around noon on Tuesday (June 23rd) at East 125th Street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem. Multiple witnesses claimed the incident had occurred as a result of what appeared to be a domestic violence dispute in which Roberto allegedly attacked a woman who then retaliated by stabbing him in the head. However, the NYPD claimed that Roberto and the woman had actually been fighting with another…

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