Jennifer Lopez Is Clearly Summer-Ready

This past weekend, we officially ushered in summer, in all its mask-wearing glory. While most of us have been in some form of lockdown since March, we’ve wondered if summer would even arrive this year. Many have already deemed the year 2020, let alone summer 2020, as being #cancelled due to the pandemic, but it looks like Jennifer Lopez isn’t letting that mentality get to her.

Shortly after celebrating Father’s Day on her Instagram page, with a series of heartfelt posts dedicated to Alex Rodriguez, Marc Anthony and her own father, J Lo was back again this time celebrating the first day of summer. And she looked very summer-ready in the process.

The mega-star rocked a white GUESS bathing suit, with a good dose of wind causing her hair to cover her face as she looked steely-eyed at the camera. “First weekend of summer,” she captioned the image, with a view of blue waters behind her indicating she was…

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