Adrian Peterson Praises Removal Of Former Redskins Owner Statue

RFK Stadium, home to the Washington Redskins, has removed a statue of the team’s previous owner, George Preston Marshall, who has maintained the reputation of being racist. Redskins running back Adrian Peterson tells TMZ the decision “makes me feel good.”

Redskins, Adrian Peterson, StatueStacy Revere / Getty Images

“Obviously, in different states all over this country, you’ve got monuments, buildings and stuff, and statues that are named after people that owned slaves, people that were racists,” Peterson says. 

Marshall was known for refusing to sign black players for decades.

For Peterson, the momentum to remove statues like that of Marshall’s shows, “that God is watching over us to be able to get to a point now where they are removing some of those statuses and trying to pave a new way.”

Events DC Board of Directors Chairman Max Brown and Events DC President and CEO Greg O’Dell explained the statue’s removal in a joint statement: “This symbol of a person who didn’t believe all men and women were created equal and who actually worked against integration is counter to all…

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