Joe Rogan Gets Backlash For Saying Wearing Masks Is "For B*tches"

Businesses are returning to normal—or adjusting a new normal—but many cities have restrictions on how citizens are to move about. Now that major cities are calling for residents to wear masks everywhere in public at all times due to the continued concern of COVID-19, people are fighting the ordinances. There have been numerous videos making the rounds online that show irate people arguing with business owners, coughing on patrons, and yelling about how masks are unnecessary. They’ve been made fun of on social media, but on this week’s podcast of The Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan told his guest, comedian Bill Burr, that wearing masks is “for bitches.”

Joe Rogan, Masks, Podcast
Rob Kim / Stringer / Getty Images

Bill Burr put his foot down with Joe Rogan and told him that they shouldn’t act as if they’re medical experts. Rogan laughed away his comments, doubling down on his stance and insinuating that he wouldn’t be seen walking around with a mask on. People didn’t take too kindly to Rogan’s comments and voiced their disapproval of his cavalier stance on a topic that continues to divide. It’s estimated that over 121,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the United States alone, and the number is rapidly rising due to people taking to the streets for Memorial Day Weekend and the recent protests. 

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