Jamie Foxx Slams Tyrese For Implying Anti-Black Racism Doesn't Exist

After Tyrese Gibson started sharing some super questionable posts about racism on Instagram, Jamie Foxx had some words for him. It all started when Tyrese posted some images that depicted “white slaves” in South Africa, pushing the narrative that reverse racism exists and that white South Africans are “under attack” by Black South Africans. He urged his followers to learn about what he claims is going on in SA, but was promptly reprimanded by several prominent South African figures.

Rather than reflect on his actions and apologize for perpetuating a false and dangerous notion, Tyrese doubled down on his stance that racism against Black people doesn’t exist by posting a 13 minute video titled, “What The Left Won’t Tell You About The Plight Of Black People And The Myth Of Systemic Racism.” The video, created by conservative content group, Media Research Center, is compiled of clips from different interviews with Black celebrities, and essentially serves to purport that Black people do not actually experience racism. The post, which Tyrese captioned, “touchy touchy…who’s view do you agree with?” garnered tons of negative attention, including from his friend, Jamie Foxx.

jamie foxx tyrese gibson reverse racism denial post South AfricaFrazer Harrison/Getty Images for Overture

Although Tyrese has since deleted both posts, Jamie commented on the nauseating video, expressing his confusion about why on earth…

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