NFL To Propose Higher Draft Picks For Teams Who Hire Black Coaches

Diversity has been a huge topic of conversation in the NFL as many believe there simply aren’t enough black head coaches and general managers. The league already has the Rooney Rule in place which makes it so that teams must interview at least one minority when looking for new personnel. Well, the Rooney Rule hasn’t done enough and now, the league is looking for a fix.

In a new report, it was revealed that the NFL’s diversity committee has drafted a proposal that would see teams get rewards in the draft if they hired minorities. This proposal will be presented to owners on Tuesday and will need 24 votes to get passed.

Roger Goodell

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images


“Under the proposal, aimed at fixing diversity problems leaguewide, a team could improve its third-round draft selection by up to 16 picks — going up 10 spots for hiring a minority candidate as general manager or an equivalent-level position and six spots for hiring a minority head coach.”

This plan also states that if you keep a minority general…

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