Lil Uzi Vert's New Album Will Bring Back One Of His "Luv Is Rage" Producers

This past weekend, Lil Uzi Vert surprised fans when he revealed in passing that he has another album coming soon. Fans are still eating up the Eternal Atake and LUV Vs. the World 2 double disc, but more Uzi music would certainly not go unwanted. The rapper has definitely been more active on the music front lately, following his double disc drop with a loose single, “Sasuke.”

He’s also been pretty active on twitter, replying to fans sporadically as well as possibly hacking fellow artists accounts (who knows). Among his twitter antics, he recently replied to a fan asking about the producers who will be on the new, as-of-yet-unnamed album. The fan asked Uzi to use some of his day one producers, naming Don Cannon and DJ Plugg specifically. What of Maaly Raw, too? While this fan didn’t mention Uzi’s early frequent collaborator, other fans proceeded to jump in the replies, throwing Maaly’s name into the mix. Even TM88 jumped into Uzi’s replies, asserting he had sent Uzi a “hard ass beat! Let’s gooo.”

Lil Uzi Vert New Album producers

Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

Uzi replied to the fan confirming DJ Plugg would indeed have production on the new album, making no mention of Don Cannon so we can safely assume Don Cannon’s beat won’t be on the new album– is this due to beef or nah?

All the commotion surrounding DJ Plugg’s inclusion resulted in Plugg having to speak out as well, confirming he only knows as much as we know– “Preciate the love everybody!! I only know as much as u guys know!! But we do have a lot of new music so just keep your fingers crossed with me y’all!!,” he tweeted.

DJ Plugg, for his part, is responsible for production on several Uzi favorites– namely “Belly” and “For Real.”

Who would you like to see produce on Uzi’s new album?

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