Tory Lanez Teases The Arrival Of His "Real Music"

It’s no secret that Tory Lanez is eager to get the ball rolling on his newfound artistic independence. Around the same time he was gearing up to drop off The New Toronto 3, Tory made the revelation that the album would be his final on Interscope Records. Seeing greener pastures on the horizon, Lanez began teasing that the best was yet to come, as he had been saving his greatest, most polished music for his independent hustle. 

Tory Lanez

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Lanez is simply building further hype for his eventual releases, which are said to include an acoustic album, an 80s-inspired album, and a Spanish album. As he tells it, those are the ones worth checking for — in fact, he actually doubled down on that particular line of thought on Twitter this afternoon. “I really dropped that last project to get out my deal,” writes Tory, essentially downplaying The New Toronto 3 as a means to an end. “I wanna drop more music now! REAL MUSIC.” 

While it’s exciting to see Lanez excited about his future plans, he shouldn’t be so quick to wash his hands of the studio discography he’s since built up. Some of his best songs, from “Pieces” to “Miami,” came from his Interscope…

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