Nav & Ninja To Reunite With "Call Of Duty" Livestream Event

If there’s one thing Nav loves more than VVS diamonds and Learjet travel, it’s gaming. So much so that he has made a tradition out of staging a Livestream event to coincide with his album releases. Upon dropping his previous project Bad Habits, Nav connected with Ninja for a lengthy Fortnite live stream, which found the rapper leveling with his fans on equal footing. Now, with Good Intentions officially in the books, Nav has decided to reunite with the popular gamer for another streaming event.

Nav Ninja

Keipher McKennie/Getty Images
This time, rather than getting busy on Fortnite, the pair will be engaging in a little bit of good old-fashioned Call Of Duty: Warzone. Boasting the title Ninja & Nav Vs. The World, it’s all set to transpire tonight at 9 PM EST, 6 PM PST. Should you be interested in catching these two gamers rising up and showcasing whether or not they’ve gotten “gud,” you can head over to Ninja’s Mixer channel and Nav’s Twitch channel to watch it all unfold before your eyes.
Given that rappers have been rendered incapable of celebrating the way they usually would, which is to say, staging a release…

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