Lori Harvey Ripped To Shreds For Throwing Cinco De Mayo Party Amid Pandemic

It looks like Lori Harvey ditched the social distancing measures in order to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with her friends on Tuesday. The model opted to throw a mini backyard bash in honour of the special holiday along with her friends Taina Williams, Asia Carter, and Amaya Colon. The four ladies frolicked around Lori’s yard in their bikinis and took a dip in the pool at her Hollywood Hills mansion, without a single mask in sight. Lori even hired a food truck to cater the event, and she could even be spotted getting behind the grill at one point. They rocked sombreros, ate snow cones, and played Maracas, and it was all captured on social media for the world to see.

Although the quartet appear to be having the time of their lives in all the footage from their modest gathering, they were promptly ripped to shreds for linking up during a worldwide pandemic in the first place, let alone practicing zero social distancing once they were in proximity. On Taina’s post, one follower asked, “No social distance?” while another pointed out, “This don’t look like quarantining.” The criticism even followed Lori to Twitter, where users complained that she should not have made the irresponsible decision to violate lockdown to have a party.