R. Kelly Prosecutors Respond To His COVID-19 Concerns

In the last two months, R. Kelly has thrown out every excuse in the book as a reason for why he should be released from jail and sent home as he awaits his trials. However, he has been unlucky in his first two tries, getting shut down on both. Now, he’s claiming that he is diabetic and suffering from high blood pressure and cholesterol, which puts him at a higher risk of catching harsh symptoms should he contract the coronavirus. His now-third attempt to be freed because of COVID-19 has officially earned a response from his prosecutors.

Long story short, Kelly’s prosecutors are telling him that, if he’s so worried about his health, he should start working out in his cell. They believe that he should not be released as he poses a danger to the community.

R. Kelly
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

According to The Blast, prosecutors in his New York case are begging the judge to keep him locked up as he tries a third time to be released early. New documents filed by the prosecution claim that nothing has changed since his last attempt. They say that his recent diagnosis of prediabetes does not warrant his release and that, if he’s so worried about his health, he should try getting some extra exercise minutes in.

“The defendant has not been diagnosed with hypertension; nor has he been prescribed any medication to treat high blood pressure,” added the…

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