Lil Tjay Apologizes For Losing Control

There’s a reason we have implemented an “Antics” category into the mix, especially considering the role social media plays within the hip-hop landscape. Beefs are ignited and intensified, relationships are developed and aired out, even “likes” are placed under a microscope. Over the weekend, rising rapper Lil Tjay spent some time engaging in some pretty hefty antics, embroiling himself into a beef with Don Q and — though inadvertently– A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

Lil Tjay

 Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

It all seemed to stem from a chain-snatching that allegedly saw Tjay nabbing a Highbridge chain from one of Don Q’s associates, though A Boogie later claimed the chain had been lost a “long ass time ago” in an unrelated incident. Perhaps A Boogie’s disappointed tone was enough to open Tjay’s eyes to the error of his ways, as the young rapper recently took to Instagram to issue an apology for his behavior — while he didn’t exactly offer up specifics or name names, he did appear to be sincere for the time being. 

“Today’s a new day man, I’m chillin’,” he admits. “I don’t feel like arguing with anybody today. Real shit though, I swear I’m going back to the old Lil Tjay. This is why I’m not posting a lot, cause I can’t control myself. Start getting out of hand and shit. My fault for getting out of…

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