Lil Nas X Finally Admits To Being A Nicki Minaj Stan

Ever since his rise to the top of the charts with “Old Town Road,” viral superstar Lil Nas X has been rumored to be the owner of a former Nicki Minaj fan account, operating @NasMaraj on Twitter. He has denied that fact but now, it seems like he’s finally come to terms with his preferences, finally being comfortable enough in his own skin and telling the world that he is a Nicki Minaj stan.

Taking to Twitter in the middle of the night, Lil Nas X admitted that he is a big fan of the Queens rapper.

“Life is too short to pretend you’re not a barb,” wrote the rapper on Twitter, earning over 18,000 retweets so far. Clearly, people are excited about the reveal. 

Considering the fact that he collaborated with Cardi B on his last project, some fans assumed that he was shading the rapper by siding with Nicki in their neverending feud. He insisted that that was not the case.

“They are both dope successful artists…

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