Rubi Rose Reportedly Calls Cops On Lil Tjay After Getting Stranded Post-Hookup

Up-and-coming rappers Lil Tjay and Rubi Rose linked up this weekend to celebrate Tjay’s 19th birthday together, but things awry when Rubi reportedly called the cops on him. Over the weekend, clips from Tjay’s snapchat stories circulated showing Rubi “calling the cops” on him because he “broke her heart.” In the same series of stories, Rubi can be heard asking him to pay for her flight back home since she’d flown out to see him in the first place, but he seemingly refuses. 

Rubi proceeded to address the situation on Twitter, exposing Tjay for playing her and reassuring everyone that she can afford her own flight but she doesn’t “like to spend my own money.”

On Tjay’s end, he assured everyone that he did in fact end up paying for her flight home. He went on to explain the whole situation from his perspective, adding the detail that Rubi called the cops on him after catching him texting this other girl, which she failed to mention in her tweets. 

Another woman, who goes by the moniker Chinese Kitty, got involved by siding with Rubi and exposing Tjay for trying to link up with her for his birthday as well and acting “thirsty” in her…

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