Drake's Fed Up With Akademiks' Attempt For An Interview On IG Live

Drake has treated DJ Akademiks has an annoying little brother over the years. Though there has been some tension, they’ve come a long way since Drake demanded Akademiks “dip from my Live” during a birthday dinner for his mother. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Shortly after the release of his latest project, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, Drake went on Instagram Live where he gave Akademiks a shout out. I’m sure you’ve seen the footage by now of Akademiks going ballistic in his gamer studio and breaking his chair due to excitement over Drake’s acknowledgment. However, the two actually hopped on Instagram Live together for a brief moment where Ak finally received the moment he’s been waiting for his whole life — Drake publicly expressing his appreciation for him.

Though it began with Drake simply wanting to see what Akademiks was drinking, Akademiks slowly began prying for answers surrounding the project before pulling a move. “I’m a little disappointed. I thought we had a rapport,” Akademiks said before Drake shut down any possibility of an interview. “I’m not doing an interview with you, man. I just — I added you to see the Hennessy,” Drake replied.

Despite the let down, Akademiks was persistent in his attempt and used the Hennessy bottle as leverage. “What do you drink when you create?” Akademiks asked.

“Oh my God. Yo, listen — What do you drink when you create?!” Drake asked in response. 

The madness continued with Drake essentially using Akademiks fandom for his own entertainment. “For all the times me and you been through, I need to see you pour the craziest shot right now and do it right…

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