MJ's "The Last Dance" Surpasses "Tiger King" For Top Documentary

Due to the Coronavirus-imposed quarantine, people have been looking for something to fill their time. As it stands, we are all stuck at home and there isn’t much for us to do. Thankfully, entertainment hubs such as Netflix give us something to pay attention to while we look to pass the time. Back in March, Netflix blessed us with the “Tiger King” documentary, right at the beginning of quarantine. The documentary quickly became a global phenomenon and to this day, people are still obsessed with it.

Meanwhile, ESPN has recently begun to roll out episodes of “The Last Dance,” which is their Michael Jordan docuseries. This MJ doc has already become a huge success and we are only four out of 10 episodes in. According to Lucas Shaw of Bloomberg, “The Last Dance” is now officially more popular than “Tiger King” based on new metrics.

Michael Jordan

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Perhaps the most impressive part about “The Last Dance” is the sheer…

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