U.S. Unemployment Claims Total 30 Million In Span Of Six Weeks

As the United States continues to combat the pandemic, jobless claims rise each week. President Trump has announced that federal social distancing guidelines will not be renewed, and thus it’ll be up to individual states to enact guidelines as they see fit, but that doesn’t mean things are on the up and up just yet.

Unemployment claims continues to reach new milestones, showcasing just how much this pandemic is affecting America’s economy, let alone the people in it. It was a month ago that we reported on the all-time high unemployment claims, and now, more than a month later, that remains true again. Just last week, it was reported that 22 millions Americans were out of a job– now that talley is up to more than 30 million, according to New York Times’ latest stats. This is in the span of six weeks alone, with 3.8 million people filed claims this past week, helping to bring that number up.

Still, even…

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