Ja Rule Still Trying To Convince People He Beat 50 Cent & Eminem

Ja Rule may have battled 50 Cent years ago but he’s still trying to convince the world that he came out on top. In a new series of tweets, the rapper brought the situation back up and claims that he was jumped by a whole bevy of characters, restricting him from ever being able to fight fairly.

“Y’all gone STOP with this false narrative that 50 killed me lmao when I went up against 50, em, gunit, d12, busta, dmx, dr. dre and FBI at the same damn time… lmao Let’s talk about it,” wrote Ja Rule. “I speak NOTHING but truth… Never no cap…”

Never no cap? What about Fyre Festival? Sorry, I had to.

He continued by co-signing one fan who claimed that Ja put his hands and feet on 50 Cent during their feud.

At this point, it would be nice to see both rappers move on from their decade-old beef. There’s nothing new that either can add to this so, instead of allowing it to drag on for centuries,…

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