50 Cent Painted As Former Chinese Leader Mao Zedong, Thinks It's Kim Jong Un

50 Cent got two leaders of Asian countries mixed up in one of his latest Instagram posts, mistaking former Communist leader of China, Mao Zedong, for the current (although rumoured to be dead) leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. 50 Cent has been the victim of many mash-up murals, having his likeness combined with the distinguishing features of public figures like Tekashi 6ix9ine, Donald Trump and, most recently, Post Malone. Often, the artist will include certain identifiable details in the painting that the subjects themselves possess, such as tattoos or a particular hairstyle. In this case, it was the receding hairline and signature uniform of Mao Zedong—the founding father of the People’s Republic of China who ruled as chairman of its Communist party from 1949-1976—that were combined with Fif’s earnest expression. However, 50 thought that the artist had intended to mash him up with the current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, likely since he’s been making headlines recently due to the fact that he may or may not be dead.

50 cent kim jong un paint mural mash up combine deceased deadJamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ

On Sunday, 50 shared a photo of the mural on his Instagram, writing, “Oh sh*t, 50 Kim Jung Un. These people are crazy.” He also managed to track down a clip of the artist, who goes by the name of Lushsux, actually creating the mural, and posted it on Instagram as well. “Damn he made that sh*t look like it was easy,” he wrote. “I want to meet this guy.” 

Unfortunately, since Fif has limited which accounts can comment on his posts, nobody has been able to inform him that he’s actually been turned into Mao. Lushsux himself even confirmed on Instagram that the mural is meant to depict Mao, not Kim Jong Un.