Young Thug Sounds Off On French Montana

Cabin fever can make a person do crazy things, and last night seemed to be the last straw for both Young Thug and French Montana. Following French Montana’s claim that he could defeat Kendrick Lamar in a battle of hits, Thugger couldn’t help but balk at the absurdity of the claim. Clearly vexed that Thugger had stuck his nose into the mix, French slammed an unflattering image of Thug on his page and warned him to stay out of it.

Yet Young Thug has never been one to back down. “French Montana, bitch ass n***a,” begins Young Thug. “Listen bro. Get out of your feelings. I’m only speaking from an artist’s standpoint. You do not have nowhere near more hits than Kendrick Lamar whatsoever. You probably won’t ever have more hits then buddy. So get that out of your head, I don’t know what you’re taking but get that out of your head.”

Second of all,” he continues. “I got off the phone with Savage, told him I was coming to Atlanta to fuck with him for a few days. I was supposed to get on a jet today, but I didn’t make it – that’s why he said I’m in the hall of cap. We don’t got no smoke with each other, pussy. Thid of all — and this is what I get for even fucking with n***as like you. I wore that dress in your video cause I wanted to show it’s real love, that’s what it’s supposed to be everytime I do that type of shit. I thought it was love, but that’s the type of shit I get fucking with pussy n***as like you. It’s okay. I know you smoke dope.”

“I don’t even get cool points in my lil n***a hood for talking to suckers like you,” continues Thug, in a second video. “I don’t even talk to n***as like you bro, stay in your lane I stay in my lane. You ain’t even on my level when it comes to getting no business handled. You a bitch, bro. I’m not going to argue with you or no rap n***a on no internet shit cause I know that’s what the critics and the white people in this society, that’s what they want.”

“That’s what they get a rush off, I don’t even want no problems — nah, I love problems– I don’t want to have no back and forth internet smoke with none of you pussies. Especially no n***a like you. This shit come with M’s. You ain’t going to kill nothing or let nothing die. It ain’t that serious. You know what’s up with me bro.” 

French wasted little time in responding, once again clowning Thugger for wearing the dress in “No Stylist,” as well as reiterating 21 Savage’s “Hall Of Cap” comment and using it against him. “Worry about 21 Savage before me and Kendrick, you heard?” he taunts, equating himself to one of hip-hop’s greatest writers of all time. 

Like that, Thug found himself pulled back into the mix, and threatened to call Meek Mill with a singular purpose: to procure a video in which Montana allegedly gets knocked out cold. “I bet Meek find that video! Meek where they knocked his ass out at? Where can I get the video from, Meek?” 

It was French’s turn to clap back, recording his video while lying in bed shirtless, stating “cause that’s how [Thug] like it.” He also challenges Thug to procure the video, claiming that “if Meek has some footage of that, tell him to show it to you. I got a million dollars if he shows it to you. Does it look like we get beat up. Like a n***a lay hands on me? I been in the game for twenty years. N***as know you going broke.”