WHO Denies COVID-19 Created In Wuhan Lab

Conspiracy theories have been spreading like wildfire surrounding coronavirus. Some have suggested that 5G networks are to blame. Others have stated that it was man-made in a Wuhan laboratory. The World Health Organization has now put both of these theories to rest, though we don’t expect that to stop these theories from being pushed on Twitter.

A spokesperson for WHO, Fadela Chaib, dispelled the rumor during a briefing in Geneva, USA Today reports. As many have suggested that the coronavirus did not come from an animal but, rather a laboratory, Chaib said that there’s a slim chance that’s actually the case. “It is probable, likely, that the virus is of animal origin,” Chaib said.

Chaib added that there’s still a question about how the virus was transmitted from virus to human but she said that it’s coronavirus “most probably has its ecological reservoir in bats.”

The theories surrounding the virus’ beginnings reached new heights when Trump took…

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