Zonnique Talks Double Standard T.I. Has For His Daughters

The Harris household is a full one, whether the children live at home or on their own. T.I. and wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris have a blended family that includes Deyjah, Heiress, Messiah, Domani, Major, King, and Zonnique. The famous couple have featured their brood on various reality television shows, and through the ups and downs, they’ve always leaned on each other for support.

Zonnique Pullins
Maury Phillips / Stringer / Getty Images

Tiny’s daughter and T.I.’s stepdaughter Zonnique is the oldest of the bunch at 24-years-old, and in a recent interview with Hollywood Life, she revealed that the girls may have to adhere to rules that the boys don’t need to follow. “Now that I’m a little older it’s gotten a little better for me. But [T.I.] is definitely super overprotective,” she said. “I just hope that Heiress doesn’t get it is as bad as me and Deyjah. I always think that, like Heiress is going to have it the worst.”

“Since we were all younger he’s always been super protective over the girls. And it always seemed like the boys could just do whatever,” she added. Zonnique shared that Tiny would stick up for the girls because she noticed a bit of the double-standard as well. “My mom will always argue, like, you don’t care that the boys go on dates, you let their girlfriends come over. You know we meet their girlfriends, it’s all cool it’s like a regular thing. But you know, if I’m in a relationship and I bring my boyfriend over, the whole family has to talk to him. He has to go…

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