YK Osiris Says Fame Is Not A Blessing, Calls The Industry "The Devil's Game"

We live in a culture where an overwhelming amount of people strive to be famous. The titles of “social media influencer” and “content creator” went from being something only internet-savvy folks knew about to professional, eight-figure careers. You only have to scroll through any social media platform to see people branding themselves to be the next great singer or Instagram model, but YK Osiris dropped off a bit of advice to anyone seeking fame and fortune.

YK Osiris
Maury Phillips / Stringer / Getty Images

“This industry is not that you think it is,” the singer said on Instagram Live. “Don’t let these people fool you… Imma give y’all a little background with me. My life is not perfect. Don’t think because I’m on Instagram showing this, showing that. I don’t got a perfect life, either. And I want you to understand that just because all these rappers show all this money and show all this fame, don’t think they life is good. It’s not. These people always faking and [I want] to let y’all know that, this is not what y’all want. Do something that’s lowkey. Do something that [will] help you out.

It’s unclear what prompted YK Osiris to share his thoughts on the industry, but the…

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