Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" Hits All Streaming Platforms

Of all of life’s little “first world problems,” one of the most thoroughly aggravating arrives when a classic album finds itself strictly designated to a singular streaming service. For many years, such was the unfortunate reality for Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, which was exclusively available on Apple Music and Apple Music alone. As such, those who get by using Spotify or Tidal found themselves at a disadvantage. After all, The Chronic is no mere album, but one of the genre’s timeless and enduring essentials.

Dr. Dre The Chronic

 Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

On what can only be described as a “4/20 miracle,” all but reeking of Snoop Dogg’s marijuana-infused musk, The Chronic has finally made its way on all digital streaming platforms — even YouTube. Though many hip-hop heads will have likely found some way to procure Dre’s Death Row debut by now, the ability to update our favorite 4/20 playlists accordingly will not go unappreciated. Should you be among those who never heard The Chronic, the album where Dr. Dre’s solo career kicked off, you’ve picked the perfect day to dive in. 

With Compton having landed on Spotify last December — for the first time in three years, mind you– today marks the first time that Dre’s solo catalog is entirely accessible across the board. So, without further ado, take to the comments in celebration. Which songs are your favorite? And perhaps a more challenging question for…

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