Charlamagne Challenges Scott Storch Over Dr. Dre Credits

Though some have been cast into cabin-fever induced despair as a result of the ongoing quarantine, Scott Storch has seized the opportunity and doubled down in the studio. As he reveals during his wake-and-bake conversation with The Breakfast Club, he’s been cooking up instrumentals every day, including some reserved for his own upcoming solo album — not to mention a few choice bangers with Kevin Gates in the cut. Before long, conversation shifts to his recent battle with Mannie Fresh, an event that seemed to highlight how significant Storch’s early-millennium reign really was.

Scott Storch Beat Battle

David Becker/Getty Images

Charlamagne eventually acknowledges the elephant in the room, which is to say some of Storch’s co-production credits being used in the battle. “Listen, Dr. Dre is a huge whale, if not the biggest producer in the history of hip-hop music,” says Storch. “Sometimes, when your name sits next to a name that big, it kind of overshadows — especially when I was getting started in the business, I was a young man just coming up. When those records came out, people weren’t reading through the credits and see who was doing what.”

“As far as playing that music in the battle, my sound is pretty clear when people hear it,” he continues. “I’m not going to play something if I’m not one of the main nucleuses or foundations of what these tracks are. I really feel the co-production and writing, whatever I contribute, I bring mine to the table.” Charlamagne challenges Storch’s position, questioning whether his sound is truly that recognizable and pointing out that…

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