Xzibit Recalls Eminem Being "Poster Child Of Everything Wrong In America"

If there’s a rapper who knows how to stir up controversy, it’s Eminem. Ever since the Detroit emcee stepped into the rap game he’s been the target of social activists who have attempted to shut him down. The rising rapper’s lyrical content was often violent and described as misogynistic. Groups called for his music to be banned from radio stations and asked for him to be forbidden from performing in certain cities. Xzibit chatted with HipHopDX about 2000’s “Up in Smoke Tour” that featured a slew of artists including himself, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, D12, Proof, Ice Cube, Nate Dogg, and many others, and shared what it was like watching protesters aim for Marshall Mathers.

Eminem, Xzibit, Up In Smoke Tour
Theo Wargo / Staff  Getty Images

“They were f*cking with Marshall back in the day,” Xzibit recalled. “A lot of the activist groups, they were protesting outside the concerts. They were really trying to make it hard for my guy. They made him the poster child of everything wrong with America. It was like, really? It’s like a lotta other sh*t before Eminem that you guys could f*ck with.”

Xzibit revealed that the tour stop in Toronto was bad, but Detroit gave the Canadian city a run for its money. “It’s like, first amendment rights. These people are coming to the concert because you think they haven’t heard the records…

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