Young Chop Reacts After 24 Hour Warning To Leave Atlanta

Young Chopsimply doesn’t give a f*ck. Over the past few weeks, he’s turned into hip-hop’s biggest trolling with the levels of sh*t talking he’s been on. Meek Mill and 21 Savage have been his most consistent targets but he’s also fired metaphoric shots at Jay-Z, Drake, and more. However, it’s been the feud with 21 Savage that’s sustained the longest throughout quarantine with the drill producer. Chop even went to 21’s hood searching for him.

Days later, a video was released warning Young Chop that he has 24 hours to get out of Atlanta. Chop shared this video to his Instagram page, writing, “pull up.” However, he took to Instagram to further antagonize these individuals. “I posted that 20 hours ago. Y’all got four more hours to go, y’all,” he said. “I got four more hours to go. I’ll be waiting.” A man of little words, he simply let the video run as he counted his money.

Chop was recently arrested for reckless conduct after his hunt for 21 Savage went left. Earlier that day, as Chop went into 21 Savage’s old neighborhood in Allen Temple apartment projects where he was eventually shot at and was on Instagram Live as it happened. The producer even showed that the window was shattered. Clearly, that wasn’t enough to prevent Young Chop from continuing his tirade.

Check out Young Chop’s latest response below. 

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